Making the seven seas
your playground

Making the
seven seas
your playground

We are a bunch
of YES-people

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Evotec improves offshore operations

Viking Supply Ships AS needs new LARS systems for ROVs on board vessel Andreas Viking. Our new and improved L-LARS with our compact winch system is a perfect match for this upgrade.
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Great feedback from Shearwater

In July 2023, Evotec delivered an equipment package consisting of two A-frames, two umbilical winches, cargo lift for nodes, and side doors to SW Tasman.

The improver

This is our position. Because there is always room for improvement. That’s our mindset. That ́s our obligation.
We will always do our utmost to increase the quality of our deliveries, and enhance the value for our customers.

We are a bunch of YES-people. And we will strive to create magic in close collaboration with your team.

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You will find them under the stairs, hands on the products, or determined to crack the puzzle.