"We are designing our own future, with ESG principles crafted into our business operations."

Improving sustainability

Innovation lies at the heart of everything we do, especially in our pursuit of sustainability. We harness our maritime expertise to create products and establish routines that minimize harm to planet and people. We have mapped out following goals:


Sustainability goal:

14. Life below water

We commit to reducing our ecological footprint, by improving our production and logistics processes. As a supplier of high-tech, eco-efficient solutions, we aim to be a preferred choice for customers prioritizing sustainability. We also hold ISO 14001 certification.

For the coming years we are on a mission to cut hazardous chemicals and boost our remote service offerings significantly. We are also committed to measuring and minimizing waste and energy consumption wherever we operate.

Social Responsibility and Social Conditions

Sustainability goal:

5. Gender equality

We actively ensure a safe and supportive work environment with a goal of no absence-causing injuries. We promote diversity, equality, and inclusion with an emphasis on skills. In addition, we strive to enrich our local communities to create more attractive and quality surroundings.

An injury-free day is a great day. And the balanced presence of leading roles for both men and women in our organization makes our days not only more impactful but also more inspiring. Additionally, we ensure that our sponsorships are aligned with our core values.


Sustainability goals:

8. Decent work and economic growth
9. Industry, innovation and infrastructure
10. Reduced inequalities
12. Responsible consumption and production

Our ethical guidelines demand strict devotion to ethics, anti-corruption, and anti-money laundering from all employees. We pursue high standards in quality and efficiency, with a strong ESG focus driven by our owners. In compliance with the Transparency Act, we exercise rigorous supplier oversight to safeguard fundamental human rights and decent work conditions.

We take pride in our attention to details, striving for full compliance in our supplier audits and onboarding checklists. This commitment is crucial for maintaining the highest standards for both ourselves and those we work close together with.



Our sustainable product approach and advanced technology makes us a substantial supplier towards a greener maritime industry. One great example is our unique motor and drive solution, the Evotec Winch Drive Solution (EWDS). This exclusive solution reduces space and weight for our customer vessels by 20-50 tonnes, leading to significant fuel savings through energy regeneration.

Ethical guidelines
Transparency act
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