Transparency act

Organization and Areas of Operation

Evotec is part of ENTEC Group, located in Ulsteinvik. The company is a supplier that offers fully integrated maritime handling equipment, delivering products and complete solutions, including products and services fort he aftermarket.

The company is organized in the following way:

·      Sales and marketing

·      Engineering within mechanical, electrical, or hydraulic disciplines, as well as software and automation systems.

·      Procurement and sourcing of materials and services, logistics management, warehouse handling, and oversight of external production.

·      Production set up for assembling components and products, including preparation for surface treatment (kitting), and testing of products before delivery.

·      Aftermarket and service, including the sale and handling of spare parts.

·      Administrative tasks within business operations such as finance, IT, QA, HSE, and project management.


ENTEC Evotec operates in the following main market segments:

·      Seismics

·      Research

·      Offshore & Wind

·      Wild catch

·      Aquaculture

·      Aftermarket and service

The company is divided into the following organizational areas: Product development, sales and market, project, technical, production, service and aftermarket, in addition to finance, HR, and HSEQ. The department managers in the value chain report to the CEO. The CEO reports to the Chairman of Evotec. The board consists of a chairman and 3 board members.

Due Diligence Assessment

The execution of due diligence assessments is based on the OECD model for due diligence for responsible business conduct.

Due diligence assessment process and support measures

(1) Establish responsibility in guidelines and governance systems. (2) Map and assess negative impact/damage, and how the impact is managed. (3) Halt, prevent, or reduce negative impact/damage. (4) Monitor implementation and outcomes. (5) Communicate how the impact is managed. (6) Guarantee, or work jointly toward correction and reparation where needed.

The model has six steps that describe how the business works towards more responsible and sustainable business practices, and it provides a comprehensive approach to due diligence assessment as a method.

ENTEC Group’s ethical guidelines are applicable to all employees within the group, including subsidiaries, and they form the basis for professional conduct regardless of where in the group one’s profession is practiced. Evotec's employees are expected to respect the interplay between technology/professional practice and human values, and to contribute to transparency about the consequences of technological/professional solutions for society, the environment, and the individual. A precautionary approach is sought in all work.

Employees at Evotec should strive for honesty, transparency, and correct and good conduct towards employees, customers, suppliers, competitors, business relations, and authorities. The company and its employees must ensure they do not contribute to human rights violations and are aware of their corporate social responsibility.

 The company acknowledges its responsibility to promote and adhere to fundamental human rights and decent working conditions in connection with the production of goods and the provision of services.

 SupplierConduct Principles have been established to ensure safe working conditions throughout Evotec’s supply chain and to ensure that workers are treated with respect and dignity, impartially and fairly; that operations are environmentally responsible; and that business is conducted in accordance with internationally recognized principles and relevant international conventions(including the UN Global Compact, ILO conventions, OECD guidelines for multinational corporations, UN guiding principles for business and human rights, and UN conventions on the rights of the child). Evotec expects all its suppliers to act in accordance with the Supplier Conduct Principles and obtains written confirmation of this.

Evotec conducts an annual due diligence assessment of its value chain to identify, prevent, mitigate, and account for actual and potential negative consequences of its own business, supply chain, and its business relations’ activities. 

The due diligence assessment evaluates the following themes:

·      Human rights

·      Employment and labor relations

·      Environmental protection

·      Combating bribes, offering bribes,and extortion

·      Consumer interests

Disclosure of information

Evotec maps its suppliers and business connections and conducts ongoing risk assessments related to basic human rights, decent working conditions, the environment, and sustainability to ensure good working conditions and environmental focus in the value chain.

Results from Due Diligence Assessments

Based on the company's due diligence assessment, it has been revealed that there is some risk of negative consequences for fundamental human rights and decent working conditions in the supply chain. Potential negative influence on fundamental human rights and other labor conditions, we have identified that the greatest risk is related to suppliers with production in countries with a higher risk of human rights violations.


No reprehensible conditions regarding fundamental human rights and decent working conditions in the supply chain used by the company have been uncovered, as far as Evotec has assessed.