A brand new Evotec emerges

January 25, 2024

Many know us as ENTEC Evotec. We are still strongly connected to our mother brand, but we are hereby known as just Evotec – a change that simplifies our brand identity for both us and our valued customers.

 We began by revising our purpose, vision, and mission. Our new vision is: “We will always create movement in stagnant waters”. In stagnant waters, the absence of movement hinders the birth of new ideas. And our objective is to challenge the status quo and create a positive ripple effect for both ourselves and those around us.

 The Improver

This is our new position, which will influence everything we do. We firmly believe in the endless potential of improvement. No product is flawless, but our goal is to constantly strive for perfection, day in and day out. This philosophy extends to our internal processes and collaborations with our customers. We aim to always improve. Let the others settle for “good enough”.  

 Making the seven seas your playground

This is our brand statement, and it's certainly a playful one. We believe our industry could use a touch of playfulness. But make no mistake: our statement is also a testament to the truth. With our safe, sustainable, and quality solutions, we ensure that our customers can enjoy and have fun with their maritime operations across all seven seas.

 With the strategy well implemented in our future plans, we have also developed a visual identity to go with it. You know, the design which will make our products and messages stand out, whether it´s on our new website or on an exhibition faraway.

 We are looking forward to improving your future adventures.

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A brand new Evotec emerges

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