Evotec delivers to MEST Shipyard

March 9, 2024

Evotec delivers to MEST Shipyard

Evotec has recently secured yet another contract for the delivery of winch equipment to a Faroese fishing vessel. This delivery is to the new freezer trawler to P/F Varðin in the Faroe Islands, this marks the fifth contract for this vessel type in the last two years.

MEST Shipyard in Torshavn is responsible for constructing the 44.15-meter vessel, it is expected to be delivered in 2026.This modern trawler is equipped for double trawling and has an impressive freezing capacity of 40 tons per day.

From the left: Mouritz Mohr CEO MEST Shipyard og Håkon Woldsund, Sales manager Evotec.


Evotec has established a strong presence in the Faroese market and has a total of five fishing vessels in progress. To ensure local accessibility, Evotec has established a local service hub with competent personnel and available spare parts.


The contract also includes the very robust Evotec MulitSoft Trawl, which contributes to reduced emissions and provides great dynamics. Improvements that are crucial in this type of fishery.


"We are thrilled to have succeeded with this project. We already have a 90-meter purse seiner P/F Varðin, and this is an example of our ability to achieve high customer satisfaction and establishlong-term relationships," says Håkon Woldsund, Sales Manager at Evotec.


"Evotec's focus on sustainable technology andefficient handling solutions for the fishing fleet shows positive results. Evotechas quickly established itself as a global market leader with significantambitions for the future," says Jogeir Romestrand, CEO of Evotec.

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