Evotec improves offshore operations

June 22, 2024

Viking Supply Ships AS needs new LARS systems for ROVs on board vessel Andreas Viking. Our new and improved L-LARS with our compact winch system is a perfect match for this upgrade.

Long story short, here are some highlights:

  • Special designed L-LARS
  • Very compact winch system
  • Evotec's efficient winch solution, EWDS
  • Our solutions are adaptable to new vessels and upgrades


«Viking Supply Ships wanted a high-end solution on limited space. We're a bunch of YES-people, and we could adapt our L-LARS winch solution with EWDS (Evotec Winch Drive Solution) to create the best handling system on board Andreas Viking." Sales Manager Offshore & Wind, Geir Henning Kalvatn says.


The Improvers at Evotec are ready to install the new and improved system this year. So far this year, we've been improving the offshore industry with contracts on eight new LARS systems in 2024 and 2025. And there's more in the pipeline.


CEO Jogeir Romestrand celebrates Evotec's enlarged position in the offshore market. «Our engineers and operators are improvers and create the best solution to solve your tasks efficiently and sustainably».



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