New contract for delivery of advanced LARS system for ROV

March 21, 2024

Evotec, a company within the Entec group, has recently signed a contract for the delivery of 2 complete LARS systems to Eidesvik Agalas AS new IMR vessel.

NSK Ship Design in Harstad has designed the 99.9-meter-long vessel, expected to be delivered by 2026. The modern IMR vessel is equipped with a 150-ton crane and a large hangar with electric LARS winches from Evotec. The vessel will be built at Sefine Shipyard in Turkey.

From left: Hasan Burak Eroğlu -Sefine, Timur Koloğlu -Sefine, Geir Henning Kalvatn - Evotec, Umur  Culha – Oceanist, Hans-Børre Fiskaa - Evotec, Hakan TURAN - Oceanist.


The delivery includes Evotec control system with active heave compensation, side doors, sheave arrangement, and hangar cranes, ensuring that the systems are well integrated as part of a complete package.


"We are delighted that we were chosen as LARS supplier for this project. Our collaboration with NSK Ship Design and Eidesvik Agalas AS has been very good, and I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all involved parties. This project exemplifies our capability to innovate and develop cutting-edge systems in partnership with our clients," says Geir Henning Kalvatn, Sales Manager at Evotec.


"Evotec is well established in the offshore market, and we are confident about securing more contracts in the near future.Evotec's focus on sustainable technology, efficiency and unique handling solutions for the offshore market has positive outcomes," says Jogeir Romestrand, CEO of Evotec.

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